After relocating from the Elmora Presbyterian Church in 2004, the Cranford Elmora Soup Kitchen has called First Presbyterian of Cranford home. The Soup Kitchen would not have survived without the prayers and support of our church family and our numerous volunteer base.  Please take a moment and reflect on our mutual accomplishments since its inception in 1989:  1) Over 150,000 meals have been served on the grounds of the First Baptist Church in Elizabeth.  2)  Since the inception of the Covid 19 pandemic in March of 2020, over 10,000 mobile picnic lunches have been prepared by teams of ecumenical volunteers from Cranford and surrounding communities to the vulnerable population of the City of Elizabeth and distributed on Sunday afternoons outside the First Baptist Church. Volunteer hours number in the thousands. 3)  Our partnership with the Fanwood Presbyterian Church has enabled us to provide our guests with many varieties of homemade soup, with over 4,000 containers being served to date. 4)Connecticut Farms Presbyterian Church in Union supplies us with health care kits. 5) Covid 19 vaccination information and facemasks are handed out weekly. 6) On a seasonal basis, socks, hats, scarves, and gloves are distributed to help our guests stay warm.

Thanks to the Elizabeth Police Department, the Food Pantry of both St. Theresa’s Church in Kenilworth, the Roselle/ Roselle Park Rotary Club and the First Baptist Church in Elizabeth who provide, fresh produce, canned goods, turkeys, and assorted grocery items for our vulnerable guests. Pinho’s Bakery in Roselle has been a contributing partner for over 25 years providing pastries and bread every week.