Presbytery Friends,

Like many of you I have been profoundly disappointed over the past week by decisions made by the Supreme Court of the United States. As both human rights and the separation of Church and state have been eroded through recent decisions, I am reminded that we are called by God to show up in meaningful ways for the most vulnerable, the hurting, the lost and the lonely. 

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has wrestled with reproductive choice since the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. first made a statement at its 1970 General Assembly. They declared, “the artificial or induced termination of a pregnancy is a matter of careful ethical decision of the patient…and therefore should not be restricted by law…”

Our historic commitments to ecumenism and to interfaith dialogue and partnership have long acknowledged that we are one of many religious expressions in this great country (see G-5.0101 and following) and that diversity of expression demands our continued commitment to separation of Church and state so that we and all of our ecumenical and interfaith partners may continue to freely practice our beliefs.

While many of us are dismayed and disappointed this week I also recognize that there are some who are celebrating perceived victories, and our call remains to love one another, and to choose community, without losing sight of the dignity of each person created in God’s image.  

The PC(USA) has been focused on Matthew 25 goals around eradicating systemic poverty, and ending structural racism. Both of these factors should be central to our response to these issues, what does abundant life look like for those around us? Who has access to what medical care, before during and after pregnancies? Whose religious preferences are allowed to be featured by school/government in the course of their work? How do we support women wrestling with gut wrenching decisions, and sometimes life changing medical diagnoses? 

Perhaps most importantly I hope we will all ask, “How is God inviting us to show up for the lost, lonely and vulnerable at this time?” As we answer that, my prayer is that we can join with others supporting structures and networks which have already been working on these issues, rather than trying to reinvent wheels. I hope we will focus less on “how did this happen?,” than on “how can we help, now?” I hope that we will listen to those who are hurting and vulnerable and believe them as they tell us their pain, a pattern which is clear in the ministry of Jesus (see for examples Luke 8 and Matthew 15.) 

Below are some words from the Co-Moderators of the 225th General Assembly which is currently meeting in Louisville and on zoom in a hybrid format and some resources from our Washington DC office and from the Presbyterian Mission Agency.

These are fraught times, divisions are deep, tensions are high. Our call to follow Christ remains. May we respond faithfully and in love.

In Peace,

Jeremy Campbell
Organizing Co-Leader & Stated Clerk

Message from Co-Moderators 225th General Assembly


Our hearts are broken at the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe vs Wade.  We stand with our denominational leaders affirming “the ability and responsibility of women, guided by the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit, in the context of their communities of faith, to make good moral choices in regard to problem pregnancies.”
We further reiterate our commitment as a larger church that “The Christian community must be concerned about and address the circumstances that bring a woman to consider abortion as the best available option. Poverty, unjust societal realities, sexism, racism, and inadequate supportive relationships may render a woman virtually powerless to choose freely.” (Minutes of the 204th General Assembly (1992), Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), pp. 367-368, 372-374


May we continue to lift our voices together in this struggle.  May we not let the pain, disappointment and anger of this moment curtail our Christ-centered determination to make right all that is broken between God and one another.  Unbounded we thrive!

-Shavon and Ruth