Dear Presbytery Friends,

Please see the following update from the CLC folks… 

“The transition to a new CLC system IS FINALLY HERE! This means that the new CLC site is the official site in and that the old system will not accept new PIFs or new MIFs. If you do have active PIFs or MIFs you will be able to continue your process until August 31st. So, we want you to know the in’s and out’s of how to navigate and use the new system for your process.

That’s why the CLC Team hosted a Call Seeker webinar last week. The webinar covered topics from signing up to completing a call. Recordings of the webinar can be seen on or in our CLC Page

It’s important we handle this transition as smoothly as possible. So, we want all users to understand the system and their role in it. Please share this email with other members of your Presbytery who may be in the middle or starting a new call process.

You can download a Personal Discernment Profile (PDP) blank form as a PDF here: NEW PDP BLANK FORM 

As always, our CLC Consultants are available to support you and your ministry call process through CLC. Let us know how can we help you at”

What this all means: If you are thinking of searching for a new call any time soon, you may want to register for their webinar, and look at the new PDP form. This new form replaces the old PIF form which you may have filled out in the past.

If you are part of a PNC or search team at a church and you don’t expect to have your candidate in place by August 31, 2023, you will need to work on creating a new MDP form which replaces the old MIF. The MPD can be found Here.

More information is available directly on the CLC website and through the links above. I am always happy to try and help as well.

In Peace,