For the next twelve weeks Hannah Bocalan will be observing and participating in the work of our presbytery. Here is a brief description of what she will be doing in her own words.

Hello Everyone! My name is Hannah and I am a third year Occupational Therapy student from the New York Institute of Technology in Long Island, NY. I have been given the opportunity to work alongside the Presbytery of Northeast New Jersey to carry out my capstone project. My capstone project is about reducing the stigma associated with seeking mental health services and providing education to underserved Latinx families about mental health care. Some of my learning objectives include advocating for occupational therapy and its place as a mental health source and learning more about the Latinx community and culture. My overall aim for this project is to increase awareness of mental illness and its impact on occupation and the stigma associated with the Underserved Latinx population. I look forward to getting to know you all.

While I will serve as Hannah’s capstone supervisor, she will be working closely with our Community Ministry Coordinator, Jerome Lane, and our Latino Ministry Coordinator, Patricia Pastas. If you have ministries that serve the Latine members of your community or have a strong mental health ministry in your church and are willing to assist Hannah in her capstone project, please contact me, and I will make the connection.

Steve Huston
Organizing Co-Leader & Resource Presbyter