March 8, 2022

Eastern Chirstian Children’s Retreat Wyckoff NJ
We are in search of an Assistant Chaplain about 10 – 15 hours a week
Job Summary – The assistant chaplain (or chaplaincy intern) will work with the chaplaincy team to provide spiritual care to the residents and staff at ECCR. Specifically, the assistant chaplain will be the primary pastoral figure for up to five group homes and will improve the quality of life for each resident by providing spiritual care in the form of Bible reading, prayer, praise, activities, leading group worship services, etc. He/she will also spend time with the residents and staff of the group homes and practice the “ministry of presence”; such times can include playing games with residents, taking walks with them, talking with them, etc. The assistant chaplain will also serve as an administrative liaison for the group homes, updating ECCR administration of needs and the general welfare of each home.
For more information and to apply use the link below: